Privacy Policy

Appointment Alerts and MSCC Corp (MSCC or we) is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. This policy will define what data is collected and how data is used both on our website and as part of the service and this should be read along with the Terms of Use for the service.

There are two main types of data referred to: User Data and Customer Data. User data will including IP addresses of users of the service and our website, the name and email address of the user as well as username and password to access the service. Credit card and billing information is required for use of the service. We use cookies throughout the website and service. Customer data is the data you enter on your clients, their name, email phone number(s), any notes or comments, appointment times and type as well as any other info entered into the service.

What we do with the User Data we collect: This data is used to:    a.) provide service to authorized users and improve the quality of the service, as well as to diagnose technical problems and to administer the service    b.) communicate with you regarding any billing or service matters    c.) to gather information on how the service or website is used (traffic volume, use of features, amount of time spent using service or website)    d.) ensure proper and legal use of the service by authorized users

We will not rent or sell User Data to any third party. Some basic data such IP address may be available to hosting or service partners. MSCC uses third party providers to send email and sms messages. The Customer Data is sent securely and by use of the service you grant permission for the necessary information to be used, sent to and stored by third party provider as needed. The Customer Data is yours and will only use the data in order to provide the service and send reminders and alerts.

If MSCC decides to sell our business, this policy and our terms of use will be transferred to the purchasing party.

By accessing or using the service or our websites, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and processing of User Data and Customer Data in accordance with this policy.